Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Transtech Mobility and our products.

What is the difference between a "power chair" and a "power scooter"? Which is the correct model for me?

Power chairs are electric wheelchairs, which are newly designed for balance, stability, and comfort. Their turning radius is fantastic so they can be used indoors or outdoors. Some have 4 or 6 wheels with seats that may elevate, and one-knob control for direction and speed. Power scooters are larger than power chairs with a handlebar and 3 or 4 wheels. They are comfortable to travel outside or inside and require a larger turning radius. Great for sidewalks, trails, commercial building transportation, shopping, and home use. One full battery charge can provide traveling distances up to 30 miles.

Can these power chairs or power scooters be disassembled so they can be transported by car, truck, bus, or plane?

Yes, certain models are built just for that very reason. They are considered “portable” or “travel” models where the largest component is just 30 pounds. All components can be stowed for ease of transportation. Some models can be “broken down”; other models cannot. Ask your Transtech Mobility representative for the model that best fits your lifestyle.

Are power scooter lifts or power chair lifts available? Can they be mounted on a vehicle? Does insurance or Medicare cover these items?

Lifts, ramps, trailers and other support items are available for immediate use and can be installed with ease on the rear or side of your vehicle.
Insurance may or may not pay for supplemental support items including lifts, ramps, and trailers. Medicare does not pay for these items.

How far can my scooter or chair travel on one charge of the battery? How do I charge my battery?

A minimum of 10 miles to a maximum of 30 miles, depending upon the model selected and the terrain traveled. Simply insert the power scooter/power chair 110v power plug into a standard electrical 110v outlet located anywhere in your home, garage, place of work, or travel destination for a period of 8-14 hours to attain a full charge.

What can I add to my power scooter or power chair to help me if I have a special need or what options can be added to my machine?

Transtech Mobility supplies, services, and custom designs the following components for each of its customer’s specific needs:

Arm and head rests Scooter/chair lift kits
Lights, mirrors Enhanced batteries
Baskets Seat covers
Oxygen holders Extended leg brace supports
Cane and crutch holders Special brakes
Power seats Flags
Canopy covers Special suspensions
Quick charge units GPS systems
Cargo compartments Special wheels
DVD His/hers matching themes
Cell phone holders Storage covers
Rear view mirrors Lap belt/safety harness
Cool/hot travel packs Sunshades
Saddle bags Larger seats
Custom paint and flags Trailers
When I order a power scooter or power chair, how long before it arrives at my home?

2-10 business days

What if I want to return my power scooter or power chair?

We will accept returns for up to 10 days from the date of purchase, should your scooter not operate to your satisfaction for reasons of comfort and/or operation. Transtech would refund all equipment and shipping costs incurred by you – the customer.

Would my current insurance provider or Medicare pay for my power scooter or power chair?

Most insurance providers or insurance companies assist in the “complete” or “partial” payment of these primary mobility products. However, insurance coverage and deductibles may vary from policy to policy and from company to company. For example, if your primary insurance coverage is Medicare, certain requirements must be met. Coverage will be provided if the subject or patient is “chair confined” and “not able to use a manual wheelchair” because of upper body limitations. It is therefore important to consult with your doctor, insurance provider, and mobility equipment provider prior to purchasing a power scooter or power chair. Medicare also has a toll-free number to call if you have questions regarding specific Medicare coverage or benefits: 1-800-633-4227 .

Transtech Mobility can also assist you with “alternative payment strategies” to purchase a power scooter or power chair which fits into your budget and lifestyle.

Do I have to pay sales tax on my power scooter or power chair?


Does Transtech provide insurance should my scooter or chair become lost, stolen or vandalized?

Yes, supplemental product insurance is available to you for this purpose, should this be a concern. The price for this insurance is $144 per year.

Can I charge this on my credit card, if my insurance doesn't pay the full amount or I can't wait for my scooter or chair?

Transtech Mobility takes Visa and Mastercard credit cards. We can also provide you with a “line of credit” so you can charge your scooter, chair or accessories in the event you do not possess a credit card (available credit is based upon credit check).

What is the warranty period for my power chair or power scooter? Is there an extended warranty beyond the factory warranty?

A standard one-year parts warranty is provided with all powered vehicles purchased from Transtech Mobility. There is an Extended Warranty Agreement available which can be purchased to cover all primary and supplemental components for up to four (4) years from the original purchase date of you power chair or power scooter. The price is $299 per year.

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